On Demand and Hot Shots

We’ll deliver what you want, where you want, when you want. One and two-hour deliveries across town are our specialty. Do you have documents that need a signature as soon as possible? Need parts delivered to your team on a work site later today? Whatever it is, we can handle it for you. Just give us a call and tell us the delivery time frame and we’ll take care of the rest.


Our fleet of freight vehicles and experienced drivers are equipped to meet your heaviest loads. With cargo vans, bob trucks, and trailers at your disposal, this can range from just one skid all the way up to 16,000 pounds.

Medical Deliveries

We’ve worked with major hospitals, clinics, and laboratories to deliver their medical files, supplies, and specimens. All of our medical package delivery agents are HIPPA, PHI, and OSHA compliant and trained to respect the critical and sensitive nature of the medical industry.

Airport Deliveries

The complexity of air freight shipping can be overwhelming. Our drivers are TSA certified and well-versed in FAA and TSA regulations, permitting them to tender and retrieve packages to and from the airport counter for Indirect Air Carriers (IAC). We’ll make this intricate task a simple one for you.

Legal Deliveries

Trusted couriers are crucial to the legal industry. They allow lawyers and firms to execute contracts, deliver time-sensitive documents, and submit court filings quickly, easily and on deadline. We deliver to effortless efficiency and productivity. Our couriers can pick up and drop off courthouse filings, document research, contracts, and more anytime you need it—day or night. We can even have an email sent to you immediately upon delivery with the signature, name of the recipient, and time stamp.

Scheduled Runs and Routes

Our scheduled run and route services are designed for customers looking for streamlined, hands-off logistics. Whether you have a daily, weekly, or monthly delivery, our team will set up a scheduled run/route, customized to your specific needs. You give us the details of your pre-scheduled delivery needs and we will help customize your order into cost effective rates. Improve your efficiency and enjoy peace of mind with our pre-scheduled services.

Mail and Lockbox

Instead of waiting for the mailman or leaving the office yourself, have us pick up what you need from your post office, bank, or medical lockbox. We even offer intercompany mail routes. It’s an easy way to avoid wasted time and help your business run more efficiently.


Our dedicated warehousing facilities, experienced staff, and inventory management utilities systems make Blue Sky Couriers your source for your warehousing and delivery needs. We can store your inventory of goods and deliver them anywhere, either on demand or on a predetermined schedule. Check with us on availability in your area.