In honor of Blue Sky Couriers’ 25th anniversary, we launched Couriers with a Cause, an initiative that embodies the spirit of gratitude and philanthropy, allowing us to give back to the community that has supported us through the years.

August 2023

In our inaugural session in August, one of our esteemed drivers had the honor of choosing a charity close to his heart – The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County. The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals, advocating for their welfare, and providing education on responsible pet ownership within the Memphis and Shelby County communities.

With our Couriers with a Cause initiative, Laterrius was bestowed the opportunity to direct a $2,500 donation to support the incredible work of this cherished organization. It was a moment filled with warmth, witnessing the impact of our collective efforts to make a difference.

November 2023

November brought forth another opportunity for Couriers with a Cause. Lee, a valued member of our team, selected the Wolf River Conservancy as the recipient of our quarterly donation. The Wolf River Conservancy is a nonprofit exhibiting environmental stewardship, dedicated to safeguarding the Wolf River and its watershed as a sustainable natural resource. Established as a local land trust in 1985, their mission revolves around preserving the lands along the Wolf River, ensuring they remain a public natural resource for generations to come.

Our engagements with the Wolf River Conservancy and Humane Society were enlightening. We were able to visit their offices, deliver the donation, and engage in insightful conversations about their efforts. Couriers with a Cause shows our commitment to amplify the remarkable work of organizations like the Humane Society and Wolf River Conservancy. Through this initiative, we’re privileged to witness the profound influence these contributions have on our community’s well-being and preservation.

As we continue our journey into the new year, we’re honored to stand alongside our drivers and the organizations they support through Couriers with a Cause, making a positive difference – one donation at a time.